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Ordering/Conditions of Sale

Here at The Atlanta Orchid Co., we do our best to please the customer.

When you order, we ship the most robust and the cleanest plant in the greenhouse at the time of order. Any buds or flowers are wrapped in cotton to protect them, and the pot itself is covered with paper and the paper is taped to the pot to prevent any spillage of potting mix. Then the plant is wrapped in paper and taped. We do our best in shipping but cannot guarantee the arrival of flowers or buds without some possible shipping damage. The shipping method will be determined at the time the order is received unless otherwise informed. During summer months, we also use surface mail. Shipping is normally figured at 15% of the total, but there are exceptions, such as extra large plants or very small plants--an adjustment will be made in those cases. When your order is received, any adjustments to shipping charges, if any, will be confirmed via e-mail. Be sure to check the news/current events page for shows we will be attending; we are more than happy to bring plants to the show for you to pick up and save on the expense of shipping

Thanks for your order and happy growing!

At this time, we do not ship outside the US.
We are sorry, but at this time we do not accept payment by credit card.
Payment should be made in advance by check or money order (COD orders may be available on a limited basis at the discretion of The Atlanta Orchid Co.)
Make Checks Payable to Bill White
Thank you.
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