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We have many plants in bloom that are not listed, please contact
us, we just may have it in stock ! !
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Key: NBS = Near Blooming Size; BS = Blooming Size
Sdlg = Seedling; Div = Division

Bulbophyllum - Species

Note: Underlined Names include a link to an image.

Size Price
B. Cocoinum
These are mounted. Please indicate choice.
BS $25 to
B. lasiochilum
These dark red beauties are available in 4 inch, 3 inch, and 2 inch pots. Please specify your choice.
BS $35
B. oreogenes
This is in a 3 inch pot.
BS $45
B. phalaenopsis Pic 1 Pic 2
We have 2, both have broke new growth ---- one is in a slotted basket, the other a 6 inch pot.
BS $400
B. rufinum
Picture soon of these in 6 inch pots.
BS $
B. saurocephalum Pic 1 Pic2
A few we have mounted, others are in various sized pots. Please e-mail your interests.
BS $10
B. strangularium
This one is mounted.
BS $85
B. sulawesii
6 inch pots
BS $45
B. sulfureum
Three of these beauties: mounted, 4 inch Vanda basket, 3 inch pot. Please specify your choice.
BS $75
B. wendlandianum
These are in 2 inch and 4 inch pots. Please specify your choice.
BS $25
comments or delete.
BS $

Bulbophyllum - Hybrids

x ' xxx' size $
comments or delete.
BS $
comments or delete.
BS $
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